Easy PGP Encryption

With Pignus you can encrypt and decrypt your Messages and Documents and send them to your Contacts. Simply create your Profile in Pignus, share it with your Contacts, and then encrypt for them.



Create your Profile in Pignus and send it to a Contact via AirDrop, e-mail or other services. You can also importort your existing private PGP keys as your Profile via AirDrop, from file or any app. Unlock your Profile using Face-ID or Touch-ID and create a backup of it. Use quick actions and show your Profiles QR code from the Today View.


Load the Profile of Contacts from online directory. You can also importort your existing public PGP keys as your Contacts via AirDrop, from file or any app. Verify the trustworthiness via QR code or fingerprint.

Encrypt and Decrypt

You can encrypt and decrypt your Messages and Documents from Pignus. Open a Document or type a Message in Pignus. Then select any app to which the encrypted data should be forwarded. You can also open a Document or select a Message in any app and select Pignus to share. Encrypted Messages can be decrypted in any app directly.

PGP Details

Because Pignus is based on PGP, already generated keys can be imported as Profile and Contacts

  • A Profile in Pignus corresponds to a private and public key pair
  • A Contact in Pignus corresponds to a public key
  • When creating a Profile in Pignus, a RSA key pair with a length of 3,072 bits without expiration date is generated
  • The online directory corresponds to the PGP keyserver https://keyserver.ubuntu.com
  • Pignus displays the primary User ID as user information
  • Pignus does not support sign-only keys
  • Pignus does not import expired keys
  • Pignus does not support symmetric encryption
  • When creating a backup of the Profile in Pignus, the key pair consisting of private and public key is exported
  • When sending the Profile in Pignus, the public key is exported
  • Pignus uses ObjectivePGP https://objectivepgp.com


Pignus ist eine genial einfach über das „Teilen“ Menü nutzbare Verschlüsselung für Dateien basierend auf PGP aber ohne komplexe technische Abläufe.

App Store

Pignus ist eine der iPhone-Applikationen, die gut in Apples frühe „Es gibt für alles eine App“-Werbespots gepasst hätten. Der Download selbst ergänzt das iPhone-Betriebssystem zwar lediglich um ein Feature, in Abhängigkeit von den Anforderungen des Anwenders kann dieses jedoch von großer Bedeutung sein.


Niet zo thuis in de versleuteling van bestanden, maar toch wil je iets beveiligd versturen? Pignus is de oplossing. De app maakt het makkelijk om bestanden met encryptie te delen via iCloud, Dropbox of mail.


Questions? Suggestions?

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